Does your vision come in and out of focus?

Do you feel like you have to keep blinking to clear your vision?

Do your eyes feel like sandpaper especially after being on the computer for more than 30 mins?

Are your eyelids sometimes a little swollen and tender even when you aren’t sick?

Do your eyes water excessively?

Do your contacts feel uncomfortable or get blurry especially by the end of the day?

Believe it or not, these are all symptoms of DRY EYE! We have tiny oil glands along our eyelid margins that secrete oil into our tears. Their are many factors that can cause these glands to get backed up and slow the production of oil in your tears or sometimes stop producing this oil all together. This leaves you with very thin, watery tears that evaporates very quickly. This can make your vision appear almost smeary or smudgy, similar to when you are driving in the rain with old windshield wipers….everything just looks not quite in focus.

Possible causes of decreased oil production:

-Age, hormone changes (associated with pregnancy, post hysterectomy, low estrogen, etc) , certain medications, auto immune diseases that cause inflammation in the body, PROLONGED COMPUTER USE, and lots more.

How can my computer use cause this?

-We actually blink half the amount of times when we are looking at a screen vs normally!! For this reason we are not only seeing these symptoms in adults, but also children and teens!

One of the most natural ways to help increase the oil production in your tears, is to take a daily dose of Omega 3. For most adult patients, Dr. Pitts recommends 2,000 mg daily. Not all omegas are created equal and it can be really confusing determining which are better when looking online or at the store. We’ve made it easier for you by making a link to the exact supplements and recommendations that Dr. Pitts makes in office.

Click the link below to be taken to Fullscript, a secure site to order your medical grade supplements.

*Always consult and inform your doctor in person before beginning supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions.